Who is Little Black Umbrella (LBU)?
LBU is a creative marketing solutions company, founded by Kevin Segedi in 2006. It runs as a sole-proprietorship. It doesn’t have clients, it has partners.
What’s the difference between a client (or vendor) and a partner?
Trust and commitment. Some agencies are project-based. LBU is relationship-based. You are treated as a valued partner. Your success is our success.
Some things, like website development, are outsourced to trusted partners. These partners are simply better at providing the level of expertise that is needed. You deserve the best!
A little different than the average agency
By leveraging vetted solutions partners, many who have worked with LBU since its inception, LBU offers you:
expert strategy delivering what you need

high quality production that drives conversion
lower cost than a traditional agency due to negligible overhead
a marketing and technology partner who speaks to you in language you can understand!
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